2012 Data Breaches: A Look Back

As the year comes to a close, it’s time to look back and play Monday Morning Quarterback.  In 2012 we saw the rise of the hackivist, major college breaches, and two states learning a valuable lesson on data security.  Rick Kam has another look at 2012.

“From my perspective, there were three important things to note—and one ongoing problem that seems to plague many organizations’ ability to make significant progress.

  1. Groundbreaking work on identifying the corporate value of our health information
  2. New data breach legislation that increases the focus on protected health information (PHI)
  3. Organizations struggling with the assessment of the HITECH “risk of harm” when they discover a “privacy incident”
  4. No “mega” (over 1 million people affected) data breaches of PHI listed on HHS “Wall of Shame”

You can read the full story “A Look Back at 2012: Healthcare Data Privacy and Security: A Year in Review” here.

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