4.5 Million Patients Exposed in Community Health Services Data Breach

According to multiple reports coming out of Illinois, Chinese hackers have siphoned the personal information of approximately 4.5 million patients out of Community Health Services network.  To put that in context, that’s almost the population of Ireland (4.7 Million).

“While the attack certainly generates negative publicity for the company, CHS says it has insurance for this type of problem. “While this matter may result in remediation expenses, regulatory inquiries, litigation and other liabilities,” the SEC report said, “at this time, the Company does not believe this incident will have a material adverse effect on its business or financial results.”  I think Target thought the same thing! (Data Breach Repercussions And Falling Traffic To Subdue Target’s Results)


More about the breach here:  Community Health Systems data breach affects 4.5M

and here:  Chinese hackers steal 4.5 million patients’ data


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