All Things Data Breach Launched

LinkedIn groups have become important places for professionals to meet, network and interact online.  All Things HITECH was launched over a year ago and has had great success, amassing over 850 members.  But All Things HITECH is focused on healthcare data breaches.  In a push to be focus more broadly and be more inclusive to the rest of the data breach community All Things Data Breach was launched.

“I’m excited to be introducing a new LinkedIn group today call All Things Data Breach. The new group hopes to collect, share and discuss data breach information and viewpoints to foster a dialogue about protecting organizations from the risk of a breach. With discussion from privacy and compliance officers, the information security community, legal and cyber insurance professionals, risk managers and industry researchers, All Things Data Breach explores every dimension of a data breach – prevention, response, notification, compliance, laws and regulations, digital forensics, best practices and research. Tweet about All Things Data Breach using the hashtag #databreach

Hopefully All Things Data Breach will see the same success as its sister group.

You can read the whole release post “Announcing All Things Data Breach” here. 

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