Another University Data Breach Affects 25k – This Time at Salem State U.

Another year, another university data breach – and just in time for March Madness.  I’ve written at length about the data breach risks unique to the university IT ecosystem and the problem isn’t going away.  A university data breach at Salem State University affects 25,000 former and current students, exposing social security numbers and other information.  Responding to a university data breach when the population is made up of former students can be a real pain in the ass issue.  How many addresses have you had since graduating college?  I’ve had 8 different addresses since my first day of college, oh so many years ago.  Good luck with those data breach notification letters, talk about a terrible data breach response issue.  Universities hold A LOT of data, and sensitive data at rest is always going to be a target for hackers.  Heck, Universities have A LOT of computers and computers are always going to be a target for hackers regardless of the data or not.

 Salem State University is warning 25,000 current and former students and staff that their social security numbers may be in the wrong hands.

The school sent a letter to those affected on March 11, after detecting a virus on one of their computer drives in February.

“We don’t know that any personal data was compromised, but we’re not taking any chances and have acted proactively to notify anyone with personal data on that drive and offered them free identification protection services,” a spokesperson told WBZ-TV.

You can read more about the university data breach here: Salem State University Says Data Breach Could Have Affected 25K

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