College-University Data Breaches Hit Record Levels

Without going into too much detail, because I’ve already beaten this figurative dead horse into the ground, I came across another article about the (near) record highs of college-university data breaches in 2012.

“When we look back at the higher education data breaches in 2012, we can see that the hackers are clearly getting smarter at stealing data,” said Alex Rothacker, director of TeamShatter’s security research. “The reported breaches remain on the low side, yet the stolen data is over three times what we saw in 2011.”

Hackers aren’t stupid – Lions eat the slowest zebra.  And todays, or at least 2012’s, slowest zebra was the college-university data security sector.  It’s a tough sector but maybe they can learn a thing or two from the healthcare data security sector?

You can read the whole article here:  Higher Ed Data Breaches at Near-Record High in 2012

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