Data Breach 2016: 529 Million Records and Counting!

In 2016 alone, 529 million records have been breached in one of the worst, most frightening years for cyber security. Between DDoS, malware, phishing, ransomware, oh my, it’s no wonder. And we thought 2015 was a doozy for data breaches!

The case could be made that 2016 has already been the most frightening year yet for cyber-security issues, with more attacks from more types of attackers causing more damage than we’ve seen in any prior year. Indeed, we will make precisely that case in this series of four articles designed to raise awareness of the scope of today’s cyber threats.

Data Breaches in 2016: Big and Bad

It’s not easy to count all the data breaches and lost records that have occurred in this or any year. The figures vary greatly depending on whether you count international breaches or breaches that took place in prior years but were only discovered or reported in the current year. Plus, the figures are often adjusted later (frequently upward), once more is discovered about the number of individuals affected by each breach.

Read on to learn more and look back on the big bad breaches of 2016.

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