Is Data Breach Prevention Dead?

It sounds silly, and might be a bit over dramatic, but is data breach prevention dead?  That’s the question being raised by several information security professionals and although the statement seems absurd, the logic isn’t.

“In the past few years, we have experienced a lot more sophisticated, targeted attack activity that is a lot more difficult to mitigate through some of those preventive measures,” Cross says.

“When you look at these incidents, you get to the point where [you realize] there really wasn’t a business process you could have put in place that would have prevented this attacker from being successful at compromising your network,” Cross says. “And you’ve got to ask ‘What do I do now? Where do I go from here?’ I think incident response is becoming more central as a part of how we defend our networks.”

Or as Mahmood Sher-Jan puts it in his article: CISOs know the importance of operationalizing incident response

“If you are a CISO, you are guaranteed to experience a breach, sooner or later so how the event unfolds is a matter of your level of preparation and incident management tools.”

It seems that their logic goes, if you can’t be good a preventing data breaches, you better be good at responding to them.  In an environment where threats are evolving quicker than the prevention methods, it seems more and more people are thinking this way.

You can read the full articles here: The Case for Breach Response – Lancope’s Tom Cross: Breach Prevention No Longer Effective



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