Data Breach Risk – LinkedIn Lurking

ID Experts release a list of 10 breach risks and one in particular caught my eye.  LinkedIn Lurking is a new term to me but without any extra explanation it makes sense to me.

9.  LinkedIn Lurking. If your LinkedIn profile contains the words “payroll,” “HR” or “Finance,” you’ve painted a bull’s eye on your back for Spear Phishing. Not only that, LinkedIn provides the hackers with the names of your closest contacts, people whose emails you’re more likely to open if the hackers try using password-stealing malware.

Winston Krone, managing director, Kivu Consulting

We share so much of our lives on the internet now it makes sense that some of that information could be exploited.  The term is new to me so I did a Google search to see if it was a well documented term – it isn’t.  I only found one security related post in the first 2 pages.  10 dangers lurking within social networking – doesn’t call out the practice specifically but is a nice overview of the risk that come from social networks.  LinkedIn Lurking is just a twist on phishing attacks, but cleverly targeted at people with access, usually financial access.

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