Data Breach Tips for the Small Business

Small Businesses are especially vulnerable to data breaches as they usually house lots of data but lack the proper resources to protect and maintain that data.  A large data breach can bring a SMB to it’s knees… just ask the recently bankrupt Impairment Resources.

Being protected, through routine risk analysis, being informed, through data audits and being prepared, through a data breach incident response plan (one that you’ve tested!) are key to minimizing your risk.

Information Week has a great small list of things SMB’s can do to help them navigate cyber risk:

“If [SMBs] collect sensitive data, they need to face the inevitable fact that they will have a data-loss incident, whether that’s a breach, a lost USB stick, or a stolen computer,” Spiezle said in an interview. Adopting that mindset isn’t a pessimistic approach; it’s a pragmatic one, according to Spiezle, because it leads to better planning and smarter, faster decisions.

You can read the whole article here: How To Handle A Data Breach: 5 Tips For SMBs




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