DDoS and the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is here to stay, but are we fully prepared for the privacy and security implications that come with it? As it turns out, IoT played a part in last month’s DDoS attacks against Spotify, Netflix, Airbnb and Twitter, to name a few. The recent DDoS attacks demonstrated that the real threat of IoT isn’t necessarily about devices themselves- it’s that there’s billions of connected devices with little or no security. We need to get serious about IoT security, ASAP.

For several years, security experts have been warning about the security risk posed by the “Internet of things” (IoT), the billions of internet-connected devices we use to run our busy schedules, our smart cars, our smart homes, our smart cities, and life-saving treatments in our hospitals. Researchers have proven that these devices are hackable, and the government has warned that manufacturers need to come up with security standards to protect these devices…

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