Experian Data Breach Gets the Media Treatment

A huge data breach involving Experian which came to light months ago has finally caught the media’s eye.

Experian enmeshed in litigation over business that was breached:

“Experian Plc is enmeshed in litigation over its 2012 purchase of the assets of data firm Court Ventures, which is at the center of a breach that exposed some 200 million American Social Security numbers to criminals.

States have launched a joint investigation into the breach involving one of the three major U.S. credit bureaus. The breach could have opened the door to tax fraud, credit card theft, and countless other financial crimes.”

Fact-Checking Experian’s Talking Points

“I’ve read this clarification closely, and it seems that Experian’s latest talking points deserve some clarification and fact-checking of their own. Below are Experian’s assertions of the facts (in bold), followed by some supplemental information glossed over by said statements of fact.”

Experian sues Court Ventures to enforce indemnification in wake of Court Venture’s breach

Today, Jim Finkle of Reuters reports on Experian’s cross-complaint in Court Ventures v. Experian, a lawsuit filed in Superior Court of California in Orange County. In today’s example of Extreme Chutzpah, it seems Court Ventures had sued Experian, seeking release of the escrow account created when Experian purchased Court Ventures. For its part, Experian counter-sued because Court Ventures had been notified of indemnification claims arising from the Ngo case. The escrow account is only a small portion of what was an $18 million acquisition.

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