Government Data Breaches in 2014

Some interesting stats from InformationWeek & the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse…

“Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, which maintains a database of all publicly reported data breaches since 2005, lists just 27 incidents involving a government entity so far in 2014. That number represents about half the 55 breaches reported by government agencies last year and less than one-third of the 86 breaches reported by agencies in 2012.

About 1.73 million data records containing bank account information or Social Security numbers were compromised in government data breaches this year compared to 500,000 records in 2013, and 16.2 million records in 2012. Many of the breaches listed on Privacy Rights Clearinghouse do not specify the number of data records that were exposed. So the total number of compromised records for each year could be much higher.”

You can read the full article here: 4 Worst Government Data Breaches Of 2014

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