High Profile Data Breach hits Experian, Equifax & Trans Union

Experian, Equifax and TransUnion, the three top credit agencies have confirmed the data breach that exposed information on the previously doxed celebrities.  Using previously known information, hackers were able to use those credit agencies to gain access to celebrity accounts including Michelle Obama and Joe Biden.

It’s all coming together! Yesterday an article was posted on Ars Technica about the “dox”ing of some high profile celebrities but at the time no one knew how the hackers had gained the mass amounts of information.  Today more details have come to life.

The vulnerability of credit-reporting companies, custodians of sensitive personal data from credit card balances to mortgage debts, is gaining greater exposure. Bloomberg News reported in October that Experian was breached 86 times via the accounts of organizations such as banks or auto dealers.

“We are aware of recent media reports pertaining to unauthorized access to files belonging to high-profile individuals,” Tim Klein, a spokesman for Equifax, wrote in an e-mailed statement. “Equifax can confirm that fraudulent and unauthorized access to four consumer credit reports has occurred.”

As Bloomberg has mentioned, this isn’t the first time those agencies have had to answer data security breach questions.  Several other news outlets, this one included, as well as the FTC have questioned their commitment to data privacy.

You can read Ars Technica’s piece on the data breach here: Celebrity credit reports posted by ID thieves taken from free website

You can read Bloomberg’s piece on the data breach here: Top Credit Agencies Say Hackers Stole Celebrity Reports

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