With the passage of HIPAA in 1996, and with the addition of the HITECH act in 2009, the two laws have had an epic journey of proposals, changes, comments and delays.  A new passage in the HIPAA-HITECH story will be written when the HIPAA-HITECH Omnibus Final Rule (Modifications to the HIPAA Privacy, Security, Enforcement, and Breach Notification Rules) is published to the Federal Register which is expected by summers end.  The Omnibus Rule, that covers 4 previously proposed and interim final rules, was received by the OCR to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) on March 24th for review before being published.

Below is a list of HIPAA and HITECH resources.

ID Experts RADAR For Healthcare Data Breach Management

HITECH Compliance Software

HITECH Compliance Whitepaper (Registration required)