HITECH Breach Risk Assessment Webinar

Healthcare organizations that fall under the definition of HIPAA covered entities should be very aware of their obligations under the data breach provisions of the HITECH Act. The reason being that there are now very substantial penalties for disregarding the security and privacy regulations, for lax detection of data breach incidents and for failing to notify affected individuals of an incident within a specified period of time.

One of the keys to meeting the notification requirement is completing and documenting a data breach incident “risk assessment” for each and every incident that is detected. The “rules” for carrying out this mandated assessment are specified by the department of Health and Human Services (HHS) in their rulemaking. This webinar will assist information security, compliance and privacy officers and professionals at hospitals, health insurers, and other covered entities in understanding what they need to do and how to go about doing it, when faced with a potential data breach incident.

A description of the webinar follows.

The HITECH Act requires HIPAA-covered entities to carry out a careful risk assessment, including an evaluation of potential harm, for every potential data breach incident. This risk assessment will assist organizations in deciding whether they are obligated to then notify affected individuals, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the media about data breach incidents.

Kirk Nahra, CIPP, a partner at the premier healthcare law firm Wiley Rein LLP, and Rick Kam, president and founder of ID Experts, will review and discuss the HHS rules for completing these mandated data breach incident risk assessments in order to ensure compliance and utilize evolving best practices.

Learn about considerations for HIPAA-covered entities in carrying out mandated HITECH data security breach incident risk assessments. To view the webinar, click here.

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