Lack of US Cybersecurity: One-Way Ticket to Cyber Pearl Harbor

Nation-state cyber attacks and data breaches are showing no signs of stopping; and if 2016 proved anything, it’s that the United States has some serious cybersecurity gaps. Whether it be the federal government, critical infrastructure or businesses, there are gaps in cybersecurity that need to be filled ASAP.

The U.S. has a pressing need to bolster its weak cybersecurity in the face of huge breaches like Russia’s suspected sabotage of the election system and Yahoo’s billion-user hack, Ret. Adm. James Stavridis told CNBC on Thursday.

“It is the greatest mismatch between the level of threat, very high, and the level of preparation, quite low,” the former NATO Supreme Allied Commander told “Squawk Box.”

“We’re headed toward a cyber Pearl Harbor, and it is going to come at either the grid or the financial sector,” he said, echoing a term used by then Defense Secretary Leon Panetta in 2012.

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