Neiman Marcus Learns Hard Lessons in Data Breach Response

Following in the steps of Target, Neiman Marcus has recently confirmed they have been the victim of a data breach.  Neiman Marcus first learned about the breach [insert date] when their POS system was [insert hacking method].  Over [insert large number] individuals were effected when [insert data types] were stolen.  It is like a data breach Mad Libs.  Neiman Marcus has been very light on the details and has a lot of people concern, no news is usually bad news.

“In a response to follow-up inquiries made on Wednesday by, Ginger Reeder, vice president of corporate communications with Neiman Marcus, said there is nothing more to report at this time. “

Digital forensic investigations take time but not releasing any news about the scope, types of data, and method does not instill confidence.  Data breach response communication needs to be a ongoing effort.

You can read more about the Neiman Marcus data breach and lawsuit: Complaint filed against Neiman Marcus, slams breach response

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