New healthcare data breach offering

ID Experts today announced a new and unique solution for data breaches that involve protected health information (PHI) and associated risks of medical identity theft.

With the passage of the HITECH Act last year and the clarifying Rules published by Health and Human Services (HHS), healthcare organizations now face greater scrutiny and higher risks when it comes to patient privacy.

Historically, there has been the perception of a somewhat lax environment relative to the enforcement of HIPAA privacy regulations. With HITECH only just recently becoming enforceable, the first lawsuit has already been filed by the Attorney General of Connecticut against Health Net of Connecticut concerning their delayed response to a data breach incident that occurred months ago. If this is any indicator, the enforcement environment for HITECH is likely to be very vigorous.

With this backdrop, ID Experts created a data breach remediation offering that is tailored to meet the needs of healthcare providers and payers, and their business associates.

Until recently, common practice has been for organizations that have a data breach incident to offer victims a year or two of credit monitoring. Unfortunately, credit monitoring alone is woefully inadequate in helping individuals deal with the risks of medical identity theft and health insurance fraud. With that in mind, ID Experts created FraudStop Healthcare Edition.

FraudStop Healthcare Edition combines several components that help individuals affected by a data breach detect and address the identity theft issues that can result from a data breach. These include:

- Credit montoring

- CyberScan, a tool that scours cyberspace for the buying and selling of personal information including for use in insurance fraud

- Healthcare Identity Protection  Toolkit, a new and unique offering from ID Experts that includes a collection of tools, checklists, resources and guides for assisting an individual in monitoring their medical identity and resolving fraud issues

- Identity theft reimbursement insurance

- Fully managed identity theft restoration services

Together, this package provides the most robust offering in the market today for healthcare providers dealing with data breach risks to assist patients in ensuring their privacy.

If your organization is in the healthcare industry and subject to the HITECH Act, you now have a better and more caring answer for your patients when dealing with occasional, but typically recurring, data breach issues.

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