New Survey: Customers Come First in Breach Response

According to a new study from ID Experts, the customer should always come first when it comes to breach response. By not focusing on the customer, there’s far more to lose than just money- your reputation is on the line.

To date, more than 34 million records have been breached in 2016, according to the Identity Theft Resource Center. That’s approximately one in 10 Americans. And behind each one of these records is a person—a customer, patient, employee, or other individual whose identity has been compromised.

If you were one of these breach victims, you would hope that the organization responsible for safeguarding your sensitive information would put your needs first. In our newly released Customers Come First: Data Breach Response Survey, we discovered that companies are doing just that. In fact, based on survey demographics, the strong emphasis on…

To read more about the survey results, click here.

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