Nipping Employee Negligence in the Bud

Year after year, employee negligence remains a big concern for privacy and security professionals alike. In ID Experts’ 2015 Privacy and Security survey, more than 60% of privacy and security professionals listed employee negligence as a top concern, while criminal attacks/cyber criminals took a back seat. Here’s 4 steps to help mitigate the employee negligence risk:

When it comes to data breach, employee negligence may lack the headline appeal of cyber threats, yet it remains a top concern for privacy and security professionals. Nearly 60 percent of respondents in the ID Experts 2015 Privacy and Security Survey feel that employee negligence is the biggest privacy and security threat. Less than 30 percent viewed cyber criminals as the primary threat.

It is employees that often open the door for cyber criminals to wreak havoc on an organization. “Executives are targets for their potential access to sensitive information,” Brian Contos, chief security strategist for Norse writes in a Dark Matters article. “Worker bees are similar targets for attackers to gain access into the network and elevate privileges so they can move laterally to find such information. They both represent access roads to the same destination.”

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