Ransomware: Beware & Be Prepared!

Ransomware has been popping up in headlines quite a bit lately, and while it’s nothing to scoff at, there’s a few things you can do prepare. First, you can start by learning the basics.

Ransomware is an epidemic. Every day more businesses, consumers, government and other organizations are finding their critical data held hostage and collectively paying millions of dollars to get it back. In some cases, such as attacks on hospitals, it’s literally threatening lives. And with over 100,000 new variants released every day, ransomware is mutating like a nightmare virus, while the world’s cyber security forces work feverishly to stop it.

As with Ebola and Zika and other viral epidemics, experts and potential victims need to understand how the disease attacks and how it spreads so they can protect themselves. In our first article in this series, we looked at the basics of ransomware and its costs to business and consumers. In this article, we’ll…

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