The Evolution of Data Breach: A Decade Later

2003 saw the first big data breach and the introduction of the term into the psyche of the American corporate world.  Since then, ten years now, data breach has become mainstream to the American public.  How did that happen? How has it changed? and what can we expect in the future.  A very lengthy infographic tells the story of Data Breach over the past decade, its evolution and history.  With many important dates and regulations over the years, the story has evolved from an industry problem to a consumer problem.  Evolved from a financial theft issue to now a medical ID theft issue.  Ten years ago, no one had iPhones, internet connect phones, or the cloud…

First identified as an industry issue a decade ago, in 2003, data breaches are now part of the consumer vocabulary. Data breaches have evolved from credit card fraud with financial consequences to medical identity theft with life-threatening implications. According to leading industry experts, the frequency, severity, and impact of data breaches are expected to escalate, with the looming threats of organized crime, corporate espionage, and cyberterrorism.
You can read Rick Kam’s: Data Breaches: 10 Years in Review here

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