The Government’s Tight Budget – Will Privacy, Security & Customer Experience Prevail?

When it comes to healthcare, the government is on the hook to increase digital security and customer privacy; but when you factory in budget, they’re walking a tight rope and must figure out how to balance security and privacy without going over-budget. It’s definitely not impossible, but it’s no cake walk either.

Especially in the healthcare arena, federal agencies are under tremendous pressure to increase digital security. And enhance customer privacy. And improve customer experience. Plus, budgets are tight, so agencies must strike a balance between security and privacy—and the quality of customer experience—without driving up costs.

Sound impossible? It’s not. But before we get to the solution, let’s take a closer look at the scope of the problem.

Millions of Customers, Billions in Fraud

Between Medicare, Medicaid, the Veterans Health Administration, TRICARE, and more, tens of millions of U.S. taxpayers receive government-sponsored healthcare. Securing the protected health information (PHI) for those customers is a high priority, and yet the number of data breaches and medical identity thefts continue to rise.

Healthcare suffers more breaches than any other industry, and two of the five biggest breaches of 2015—Anthem and Premera Blue Cross Blue Shield—affected healthcare organizations and consumers. According to the FBI, criminals are targeting the healthcare sector because of the wealth of personal information, credit information, and PHI that is conveniently stored in one place, which provides a high return when…

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