University-College Data Breach Strikes Again

Tallahassee Community College was the latest victim of a university-college data breach.  What’s interesting about this case is the college was notified by federal authorities, not through their own security processes.  From what was reported it sounds like after uncovering a tax fraud ring, they back tracked the stolen information to the college.

CC Police Chief David Hendry says he believes the security breach happened internally, and not from an outsider hacking into the computer system.

He says, “We take it very seriously. We’re going to conduct a thorough investigation. We’ve identified some changes that we will make internally to ensure that this type of breach of information doesn’t occur again.”

Chief Hendry says two men from Miami were convicted of an IRS tax refund scam. He says the feds discovered then that the scheme involved information taken from TCC financial aid records in March 2011.

This likely means that the college data breach has resulted in actual identity theft.  Not good.

You can read the full story here: TCC Data Breach

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