What IoT Devices Mean for InfoSec

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been a boon to our society, connecting individuals regardless of time zones and distance, but did we ever stop to think about the privacy and security risks? When last month’s DDoS attacks hit Netflix, Twitter, Spotify, etc., no one would’ve thought to look at connected printers, VoIP phones, webcams, etc – but they were the minions that were weaponized by hackers.

Recent cyberattacks that harnessed digital devices to cripple websites confirm the concerns cybersecurity experts have long expressed about the threat posed by the internet of things (IoT). Many connected corporate devices, from VoIP phones and connected printers to smart video conferencing systems, have outdated firmware and can be hacked in minutes, according to new research from ForeScout Technologies.

“The IoT is the new battleground for security,” says Pedro Abreu, chief strategy officer at ForeScout, which makes software to help companies find and protect devices on their networks. “It’s where the entry points are that are really making you vulnerable.”

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