What Scams Are We Expecting to See in 2017?

Every new year holds new and different scams than the year before it. In 2017, MyIDCare has predicted a handful of scams that will come about in 2017; some new, some old. Read on and learn how to protect yourself in the coming year.

Every new year brings with it new hope, new plans … and new scams, as unfortunately some criminals are resolved to make life miserable for the rest of us. The list that follows includes some trending scams that you’ll likely hear more about in 2017, as well as some old “favorites” that we don’t see going away anytime soon.

Smartphone Scams

Just about everyone has a smartphone these days, and fraudsters know it. Look for more scams to come through your smartphone, especially spam text messages that might offer you free gift cards or cheap medications, or claim to be from your bank. Just as with email scams, clicking on text-message scams usually leads you to shady websites that install malware or steal your…

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