When the money runs out, does our Healthcare privacy too?

What happens to HIEs when the government subsidies run out.  How will they be funded?  Will it be at the detriment of our PHI/EHR privacy?  Will it lead to more Healthcare data breaches?

“It is no secret that the biggest challenge facing HIEs is the lack of a sustainable business model once the gov’t subsidies end. So creating a business model to help sustain these entities is key to their viability. What are patients willing to sacrifice for the benefits gained from HIEs and NwHIN? Since patients are a fragmented bunch, how can they mobilize against forces of capitalism that see a gold mine of value in the bit streams floating between these exchanges? I think the potential benefits from HIEs are still conceptual and not well understood or documented. The risk to the confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility of patient data, on the other hand, is much more real in this brave new world made up of health information exchanges.”


The full piece can be read here.

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