Who Controls Your Health Data? And Why You Should Care!

A few weeks ago Doug Pollack at ID Experts wrote an article on “Who Owns Patient Data in Electronic Health Records?”  that discussed ownership and control of EHR.  It was shared on the HIMSS LinkedIn group and gather over 150 comments.  Everyone had an option and it was very apparent that it was still a topic of much discussion and confusion.  The ownership issue has importance when it comes to the unauthorized release of information and possible data breaches.  In other words, if there is a healthcare data breach who is responsible.


Today Forbes released a follow up piece to the issue titled “Who Controls Your Health Data?”

“Whoever the “owner” or custodian is would be responsible for the privacy of this data. But who is that? The patient? The physician? The health plan? The hospital?”

Another piece of the puzzle is if a patient has control over his or her EHR, are they able to limit or control access of that EHR into Health Information Exchanges?  There are a lot of questions concerning this issues, and very little answers at this point.



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