You Are Your Own Worst Security

Social engineering has been around for a while and has been apart of some of the most well known data breaches in the history of the internet.  Kevin Mitnick’s social engineering is now a source of internet legend and Defcon now has a contest dedicated to it.  If you haven’t ever read about their exploits they are worth the time.  It’s also one of the most difficult attacks to protect yourself against.  The Washington Post has a great article about the difficulties of protecting against social engineering and DJ over at ID Experts has a nice piece about them as well.

“How to protect your organization? Ensure employee security training includes information on social engineering and how to identity not only a potential threat, but how to report it and how to alert the organization. Require all new hires to undergo training and periodic reminders. Prevention is better than reaction.”

Most modern data breaches and hacks rely on some form of social engineering to spread, and most involve a call to action to get you to click a link, visit a website or open an attachment.

You can read the full The Dangers of Social Engineering here.

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